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Specialist contractors
Site testing
The appearance, quality and performance of a building envelope are totally dependent on good construction.  The use of qualified installers and trained supervisors is the single most effective way to achieve a good building envelope.

The building envelope may be installed by specialist contractor direct labour or by a labour only subcontractor.  In both cases it is recommended that installers are trained by the company that designed the system and supplied the materials.  CWCT has implemented a system of installer training leading to a CWCT ‘Installers card’.

It is equally important that architects, engineers, main contractors and others with a supervisory role on site are trained and capable of inspecting the work, again CWCT have implemented suitable training programmes.

As a check on workmanship site testing may be undertaken during installation and on completion.  This may include:

  • Whole building air leakage testing
  • Hose testing for watertightness
  • Thermal imaging

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