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Specialist contractors
Site testing
Installation is generally the responsibility of the specialist contractor.  It may be undertaken by directly employed labour or by a labour only installation subcontractor.  When using installation sub-contractors it is important that the installers are competent to install the wall to the required standard and quality.

Competent installers have both generic skills and knowledge and also specific knowledge of the cladding system being installed.

The knowledge required comprises:

  • General knowledge of glass and glazing, gaskets, sealants, hardware
  • Particular knowledge of how the system being used is assembled including, joint assembly, drainage and bracketry.
CWCT has established a training scheme where installers may be trained by the system designers.

Supervision of installation

It is essential that all those who purport to supervise building envelope installatin have adequate knowledge.  CWCT run a course ‘Managing the cladding package’ that is attended by architects, main contractors and specialist contractors to teach an understanding of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of cladding and glazing.

Practical guidance

  • CWCT have produced a guide to installation that may be downloaded here.  It should be noted that this guidance is no substitute for proper training.
  • The better system suppliers and specialist contractors are able to supply simplified site drawings and/or exploded views of mullion-transom joints and the like.  These facilitate both installation and checking.

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