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The CWCT training and registration scheme for curtain wall installers has now been recognised by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

In response to pressure from major contractors, specialist sub-contractors and suppliers, the CWCT training scheme will continue and the training endorsed on a CSCS card to avoid duplication of cards.  In addition CWCT will run an on-line database so that particulars of an individuals training can be checked.

CWCT training and CSCS endorsement will ensure that curtain wall installers have the skills and knowledge relevant to the projects on which they are employed and to the components used.

The Major Contractors Group expects all site personnel to have appropriate CSCS cards.  CWCT negotiated 'CWCT Assessed Route' for its cardholders for one year after which installers will have to obtain an NVQ to qualify for a CSCS card.



Training is provided by Approved Training Centres.  These are system suppliers and specialist contractors trained and approved by CWCT.  Training covers both skills and product specific knowledge.   Aspects common to all curtain walling and glazing systems are covered in Part 1 Architectural glazing.  Part 2 Curtain walling covers curtain walling skills and product specific knowledge.

Part 1 Architectural glazing (3 days)
The Part 1 course includes:
Safety, function of a facade, weathertightness, gaskets, framing materials, finishes, types of window, hardware, glass types, drawings, fixings, joints and sealants, facade construction, surveying, tolerances, handling and installation

Part 2 Curtain walling (2 days)
The Part 2 course is product specific and must be run by the relevant Approved Training Centre.  It includes:
Method statements, corrosion, setting out, bracketry, product assembly, system specific issues.



Applying for training
CWCT training is open to any curtain wall installer who has two years experience and holds a current Health and Safety certificate.  Training is also to open to holders of a current CSCS card showing the trade of 'Installer - curtain wall'.

Find out how to apply



CSCS Scheme
CSCS aims to register every competent construction operative within the UK. Operatives will be issued with an individual registration card (similar to a credit card) which lasts for three or five years. The CSCS card also provides evidence that the holder has undergone health and safety awareness training or testing.

CSCS is owned and managed by CSCS Limited, controlled by a management board whose members are from The Construction Confederation, Federation of Master Builders, GMB Trade Union, National Specialist Contractors Council, Transport and General Workers Union and Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians.

Observer members include the Department for Education and Employment, the Department for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, the Health and Safety Executive and the Confederation of Construction Clients.

The Management Board has appointed CITB to administer the scheme.

Further details of the CSCS Scheme are available at http://www.cscs.uk.com/.



For Employers
Companies employing curtain wall installers may either: Training
Installers may be trained individually in which case a single Application form should be used.  Companies who want to train groups of installers on courses exclusive to themselves should contact CWCT or their system supplier to arrange a suitable course location and date.
Companies wishing to become an Approved Training Centre should contact CWCT.

The advantages of being an ATC are:

  • Ability to train workforce at times to suit you - tool box talks
  • Ability to train newcomers quickly
  • Savings in travel and subsistence costs




Information for main contractors
The CWCT Installer registration scheme was developed by contractors, specifiers, specialist contractors and suppliers to improve the quality of site workmanship and has enabled main contractors to verify the skills and knowledge of installers.  It has been in operation since 1994 and has some 1500 curtain wall installers within it.  This number is growing with many new registrants reacting to the Major Contractors Group drive for site staff to hold appropriate CSCS cards.

CWCT/CSCS endorsed training
CWCT negotiated the 'CWCT Assessed Route' for its trained installers and it was open for two years from April 2002 after which installers are required to obtain an NVQ to qualify for a CSCS card.

It is hoped that the use of CSCS cards will remove confusion from this sector of the construction industry and help the Major Contractors Group to meet their target of having 100% trained workers on construction sites.

Holders of CWCT endorsed CSCS cards are registered on an on-line database that shows full details of their training and the curtain wall systems for which they are trained.

CSCS cards that are not endorsed to show CWCT training are based on NVQs or an early 'Grandfather rights' scheme and may have been awarded to installers of simple low-level glazing screens.



Information for Specifiers
Specifying a requirement for CSCS cards endorsed with CWCT training is the easiest way to ensure quality workmanship and availability of appropriate knowledge and skills on a project.

The CWCT 'Standard and guide to good practice for curtain walling'  requires:

Clause 9.2.2
"The installer should employ competent, experienced facade erectors to carry out the works.  The installer should maintain records to demonstrate his employees and all related training.

Installers registered with the CWCT have the necessary experience and competence.  Individual installers should have current cards showing that they are trained for the system wall or custom wall being installed...."



Approved Training Centres
Regrettably at present there are no courses available.


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