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CE marking
Thermal performance
Glazing performance
The variety of glasses available for architectural use continues to expand to give performance of:
  • Strength
  • Appearance
  • Environmental control
  • Post-failure integrity
  • Fire resistance
  • Resistance to attack
The combinations of products in laminated glass and glazing units leads to a large number of glazing options. CWCT is publishing 'The use of glass in the building envelope'.

Environmental control glasses

Environmental control glasses take many forms including; insulated, tinted, filmed and switchable glass. CWCT has published 'guide to advanced glazings'.

Advice on glass usage

CWCT has published the following Technical Notes on the use of glass:

  • TN35 Assessing the appearance of glass
  • TN42 Safety and fragility of glazed roofing
  • TN43 Film backed glass
  • TN61 Glass types (supersedes TN 11)
  • TN62 Specification of insulating glass units (supersedes TN 12)
  • TN63 Glass breakage (supersedes TN 13)
  • TN65 Thermal fracture of glass
  • TN66 Safety and fragility of glazed roofing: guidance on specification
  • TN67 Safety and fragility of glazed roofing: testing and assessment
  • TN68 Overhead glazing
  • TN69 Selection of glass to prevent falls from height
Technical Notes are available here.

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